Sprint and International travel plans

International Plan Name: NA - included in your current plan
Amount of Data: Unlimited
Speed: 2G 128Kbps or 256Kbps 
Cost per day: FREE, as in free beer or free lunch. LTE for $5 per day 
eSim cost per day:
Gotcha: Super super slow!

Sprint is now part of T-mobile so it too is a winner here as if you have a post paid account the free data is included in the plan.

Data, Data all about the Data
Well you don’ have to worry about roaming and it does just work! When you land in Europe you literally see your phone connect back to the network and magically your internets will be active. But if you are use to LTE connections then 2G will feel like you’re on a dial up modem. Having said that I did use this free service for 6 months on 256k speeds in Germany and the UK. While it worked well for simple things like maps it wasn’t the best for browsing the web and can’t imagine how slow the 128k service is – ISDN is back!

Sprint does have an add on data tier like its owner T-Mobile but it’s a total bust:

1-day pass: 100MB of unrestricted data: $15 
7-day pass: 200MB of unrestricted data: $25 
14-day pass: 500MB of unrestricted data: $50 
No overage charges!

500Mb / 0.5GB for $50 !! T-Mobile has a 15GB bucket for $50! 30x the data……

Calls are a very reasonable 25c/min.

Texting is free – take that Verizon!

Solution: Sprint is the bottom of the barrel here – We recommend an eSIM.