Mint Mobile – finally good International data plans

Updated (Feb 2024) In the past Mint Mobile’s International data was expensive $2000 per GB but all that changed with the MinterNational Plan! Well done Mint!

It looks like they are somewhat competitive with an eSIM of the same data rate and duration BUT eSIMs are still cheaper as in $14 vs $20 so the to switch is not as great as say with T-Mobile and Verizon but if you’re going for longer say a month then it’d be $40 vs $26 for an eSIM.

If you’re buying for 4 people then the saving for an eSIM can add up over month or even two weeks because youl’ll gave to buy anther plan at day 10 of your 14 days stay.

So looking at a family of 4 here’s the rundown (we chose to get slightly less data than Mint to maximize the savings). For 10 days (same data 10GB) you save $24 meh, for two weeks (13GB va 10GB eSIM) you save $60 ($120 -$60) and for a month (30GB vs 20GB esim) you save $136 ($240- $1o4).

So with Mint these are actually not too bad but if you’re not a Mint customer you obviously can’t get these deals! Mint as well as T-Mobile and Version Plans for 5Gb per month are $120 per year MORE per line than my Simple Choice Plan with T-Mobile so in my case I just suck it up and buy an eSIM very year. I have two lines so that $240 per year I’d have to pay to get the same bloody service on Mint – that’s a hell of a lot of eSIM data!

So in summary if you’re on Mint you may not need to get a eSIM but of course if you have more than on line OR need to get Unlimited data for a month an eSIM may be a good option. See our eSIM plans here.