Google FI

International Plan Name: Included in Flexible and Unlimited Plus Plans only 
Amount of Data: $10/GB up to 6GB then free or unlimited 
Speed: LTE no GB restriction up to 22GB!
Cost per day:  included in your current plan
eSim cost per day*: 
Gotcha: T-Mobile Coverage in Europe  

Google says: Make calls to other countries at little to no additional cost, and get international texting from the US included free. Unlimited Plus and Flexible also come with international data in 200+ destinations at no extra charge.

Data, Data all about the Data

Google FI is a winner here as they don’t scale back your speed or limit your data per day. The “unlimited” data is not really unlimited and has a 22GB cap but that’s a lot of data!

Text and calls

This too is where FI kicks traditional plans in the bottom. Texts are free. Land line / cell phone calls appear to be super cheap too – 1c to 25c / min vs Verizon’s $1.50/ $1.70min. Calls back to the US are free.

Fine Print

Anyone who uses more than 15 GB on Flexible or 22 GB on the unlimited plans in a single cycle will experience slower data until the next cycle (only 1% of people who use Fi ever hit 22 GB). If you want to return to faster data before the cycle’s end, you can do so at a rate of $10/GB.


My main issue with Google FI is not the international data plans it offers but the everyday monthly / yearly cost. If you’re a cheap bastard like myself here are the numbers – I pay $15pm for 2Gigs of data – yes that $30 a month for two lines with the same coverage and speed as Google FI. Thats $180 per year per line. The same Google FI plan would cost me double that and with two lines I would pay $460 MORE per year if I used Google FI! Also you many not want to switch carriers as Google FI uses the T-Mobile network and not Verizon and although in my neck of the woods I get a solid 5G signal with T-Mobile and only LTE with Verizon, traditionally Verizon has had better coverage.

Also I assume Google FI uses T-Mobile partners or network in Europe. I have tested a T-Mobile roaming plan for a 7 months stay and I found it to be OK coverage wise but currently I am using an eSIM that uses the O2 network and it appears to have better coverage. So if you are staying in one location for your entire vacation you may find that the coverage to back lacking and an eSIM using O2 would be better.