Summary of US Cell phone Carriers

Here is a summary that lists US Carriers and International data rates. You can see that the old boys Verizon and AT&T have the worst rates.

Verizon is especially naughty throttling your data after .5 GB of usage per day. Both AT&T and Verizon they take data out of your existing bucket of data.

Tmobile has an interesting approach giving your unlimited SLOW 2G/3G data but charging you for calls, texts are free. They do have a nifty 15G of data for $50 add on. But the T-mobile free international plan apply to post pay only so us poor pre paid buggers are out of luck.

Google FI seems to have the best plan with free unlimited data on their unlimited $70/m plan. But that’s super expensive for folks paying $15pm for their regular 5Gb data / phone plans or the ultra thrift who are on pre-paid and pay $10pm for 1Gb of data (T-mobile).

Mint Mobile is just as naught as the big boy with data a whopping $200/GB.

Assuming that you don’t want to switch to Google FI and are happy with your current carrier an eSIM seems to be the way to go. ATT and Verizon users may only have a bucked of 2GB of data per month to use when traveling.

So it’s easy too see why an eSIM is a much better choice for international travel – get one here at Airalo today!



Calls Free

Text Free

Per Week $70


International Pass

Calls 25c/min or free

Texts Free

Per Week $50


International Day Pass

Free Calls

Texts Free

Per Week $70


International Pass

25c / min

Texts – free

Per Week – included in plan

Google FI

Included in plan

Texts – free

Calls – free

Per Week – Free

Mint Mobile

UpRoam Credit

Texts 5c

Calls 25c/min

One off credit / no per week