T-mobile international plans vs eSIM

T-mobile’s international offering really depends on your plan but basically included:

  • higher end plans get 5Gb of data in 122 countries with free texting and calls at 25c per min.
  • Lesser plans get the same 5Gb of data but only in 11 countries (not UK is not included in this list of countries!)
  • In addition you can just buy an add on data package – 5Gb for $35 (10 days) or 15Gb for $50 (30 days)

Magenta® MAX 55+ Magenta® MAX

  • 5GB of high-speed data in 215+ countries and destinations, then unlimited data up to 256kbps speeds.
  • Unlimited texting in 215+ countries
  • Then unlimited data at up to 256Kbps in 215+ countries and destinations
  • $0.25/min calling.

Magenta® 55+ Magenta ONE Simple Choice

  • 5GB of high-speed data in (11 European countries only) Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, and Greece.
  • Unlimited texting in 11 countries
  • Then unlimited data at up to 256Kbps in 215+ countries and destinations
  • $0.25/min calling.

Essentials 55+ Essentials

Just free texting, no data! Unlimited texting in 215+ countries and destinations.

New add on plans called International Pass


512Mb for 1 day $5 (lame)

5GB for 10days – $35

15Gb for 30 days – $50

T-mobile is a good choice but your will need a post paid account. Sorry pre-paid $15 / $10 a month peeps, you don’t get any data, txt or phone. Your phone will be off line when you land in Europe – ask me how I know! Thanks fine, more reason to get an eSIM.

5Gb Free data is included in most higher and mid tier plans plan but seeing as a huge number of Americans visit the UK, if you’re on a lesser plan then you won’t get data! Ouch! And the $50 plan is about double the rate of an eSIM.

If you use all the high-speed data before the designated time is up, you can still use unlimited texting and data at Simple Global speeds based on your current rate plan, or at up to 128kbps for the duration of the pass if your plan doesn’t include international data. The unlimited calling will be available for the full designated time as well. If you activate a new pass, then your old pass expires, and your time starts over using the duration of the new pass.

Solution: We recommend an eSIM