Plan Name: TravelPassSM
Amount of Data: data comes from your current plan
Speed: LTE BUT only for first 500Mb!
Cost per day: $10
eSim cost per day*: $3

Verizon offers a pass for international data, texting and calls. Data will come out of your current plan.

Data, Data all about the Data
If you simply take your existing phone out of the US and don’t get an add on pass /plan when you use it, make a call or browse the internet, you will be roaming. Your phone may happily connect to a network that is not Verizon and start racking up huge coasts.

What is data roaming? Below is an article from Verizon on the topic but it simply boils down to nose bleed charges when you are not authorized to use Verizon’s network or network partners overseas – try $2 per Megabyte, yes Megabyte not Gigabyte, thats a whopping $2000 per Gig!

With TravelPass, you can call within¬†the country you’re visiting¬†and you can call back to the US. When using TravelPass feature at $10.00 per day it will cover calls back to the U.S and calls to local numbers in the country you are in. BUT if calling from Switzerland to Italy long distance rates will apply which are $1.49 per minute to Landlines and $1.69 per minute to Mobiles.

Our recommendation is NOT to use your cellphone to make any calls when travelling – eSIMplanet suggest using a VOIP program like Skype or Google Voice. It’ll cost you 1c a minute vs the $1.50 or more your carrier wants to charge you.


Appears to be free.

The fine print

Here’s what most folks find out when they get back home and a lot of the time it ain’t pretty. If you use over 500mb per day they reduce your data to 2G speeds (You can bump it back up to 4G by paying $20/Gigabyte) but come on Verizon, your on your bloody hols and navigating arounds some narrow English country road, you need all the bandwith you can get. Also there are stories of huge bills for data used – the Pay as You Go rate for international data use is $2.05 per MB so that’s a whopping $2000 per Gigabyte.


We recommend an eSIM! The days pass speed limit sucks and having to worry about call cost it not worth the hassle.