eSIM providers compared

Currently eSIM planet recommends three eSIM providers Maya Mobile, Airalo and US Mobile. Other eSIM providers exist and we will be updating this page as we install their eSIMs on our test devices and test their eSIM plans out in the field.

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile has been around since 2015 and are based in Albuquerque, NM. Their competitive prices, APPLE pay support and simple clean web interface make this our top pick. They also have unlimited plans as well as an auto top up feature and ability to set an activation date. Jump to the Maya Mobile page now.


This was the first eSIM company we tried two years ago and was our go to eSIM provider for European travel up to a couple of months ago (June 2023). See our Airalo page here.

US Mobile – Global by USM

As of the writing of this article this product is a relative newcomer to the eSIM game (May 2023). It’s a top pick eSIM for Europe at about 1/2 the price of Airalo! We tested it here on our mega June / July 2023 EU extravaganza tour and it worked great. See how to get the eSIM here.

Comparison Table