How to unlock your phone on all US carriers

We came up with 9 key points from a long article written on a popular website regarding cellphone unlocking. We hope you find it useful – time is money and who has time to hammer through an article when you have the cliff notes right here!

  1. Changing wireless providers can save you money and give you more options when traveling abroad and selling your phone.
  2. Before switching providers, you must unlock your phone from the current carrier’s network.
  3. This process varies from phone to phone and carrier to carrier, and is free once you’ve fully paid for the device or paid the early termination fee.
  4. Some carriers will push a software update to your phone, while others may require you to enter an unlock card before you can install a new SIM card.
  5. You can also pay a service to unlock the phone, but make sure to do your research on the company (we, at eSIM Planet do not recommend this).
  6. Make sure the phone is compatible with the new network by using the IMEI number and confirming it with the carrier’s website.
  7. AT&T requires that you agree to the eligibility requirements and submit a form, then you will receive a confirmation email. Link to ATT unlocking page here.
  8. T-Mobile restricts how many devices you can unlock in a 12-month period and requires 40 days to have passed since purchase and a good standing postpaid account. Link to T-Mobile unlock page here.
  9. Verizon automatically locks any phone bought through them for 60 days, and after that period it is unlocked. Link to Version unlock page here.

So overall a great summary I think, gets right to the meat of the topic. And of course the solution to your international data plan woes is an eSIM from AirAlo.