How to avoid a monster bill when traveling abroad

In this super short blog post we’ll give the top 7 tips to avoid generating triple digit bills on your travels outside the US. We will address each point in future blog posts here at eSIM Planet so stay tuned.

  1. Adjust your phone’s settings to turn off Data Roaming and Cellular Data.
  2. Contact your cell phone company before leaving for your trip to discuss international data plans or get roaming blocked on the carrier level.
  3. Control Cellular Data for each app.
  4. Monitor your Data Roaming use.
  5. Download maps before you go. We love app. Google has offline maps too.
  6. Use a messaging app such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Google Voice, or Skype.
  7. Use an eSIM like plans found at Airalo here. With an eSIM you’ll be able to add it to your phone as an extra “line” and then simply disable your current US cellphone plan till you return