iPhone eSIM Activation issues with Airalo eSIM

So here at eSIM planet we love Airalo and have installed many an eSIM for testing and for our person use. There is one gotcha that may confuse the first time user when “Activating”. Airalo recommends that you activate a few days before travel. One can do this but you will run into an issue where it looks like the eSIM is not installing properly and it stuck “Activating”!

Activating eSIM screen shot
Airalo eSIM appears to be stuck activating on iPhone – iOS16
Setting page iOS - cellular data
Here the AirAlo eSIM labeled Personal has not Activated but is stuck on “Activating ……… ”

It’s not really an error but more by design. The eSIM needs to connect to the network in the foreign county, not in say the US if you’re going to Europe, to active. So it will stay in the status until your land in say Merry England, then it will connect to the cellular network listed on the eSIM and Activate.

Video will follow and this is a know bug I believe, not sure if it a bug but more of a feature as most eSIMs are for far of lands and if you’re not physically present in that country then your can’t connect to the cellular network to Activate.

Moral of the story is – buy eSIM here on web then once your land install eSIM. Or if you understand the “Activation” message then go ahead and Activate it – just realize that it won’t be truly Activated until you land!