WiFi Woes? Why Ethernet Could Be Your Vacation Lifesaver

We’re currently on our summer 2024 hols and of course are taking a lot of photos. Most folks count on speedy WIFI to backup their photos and surf the web but we’re currently at a location with crappy congested WIFI. Luckily for us I brought along a 12ft ethernet cable and USB-C to ethernet adaptor. So now at least on our laptop we’re back in the saddle until we fix the WIFI issue.

Remember, if you’re used to living in a house you are probably not effected by WIFI congestion but in an apartment it’s a different story with folks above and below you blasting their WIFI signal in your direction.

So in summary, if your plan to do some work while on your vacation be prepared for crappy WIFI and bring along an ethernet setup. Of course you can always resort to tethering your laptop to your eSIM plan on your phone but if you’ve got Gigabytes of data to upload then you still may have to rely on another method for getting online. I like the Anker adaptor (Amazon) below and cables are from Monoprice. You could in theory buy a lightning to ethernet adapter too and get your phone on ethernet too!

Anther USB-C to ethernet adaptor