Why eSIM – 4 good reasons to switch

No more switching SIM cards

eSIM stands for embedded SIM. This means that it is not a physical SIM Card that requires insertion or swapping. It’s a downsized version fully integrated in the device. (A compatible phone is needed)

Get connected in minutes not hours on the phone to your local carrier

No need to go to a shop or wait for the delivery of a sim card. You can use eSIM immediately wherever you are, the eSIM just has to be recognized by the operator network.

Take control of how much data you use 

Data usage isn’t always predictable, eSIM tech makes it easy to top-up your data plan even on the go while traveling. You only pay for what you need.

Better for the old planet!

Not only is plastic waste minimized if the SIM card goes fully digital, but also the entire production process, from plastic sourcing to distribution, is eliminated. We all win!