Best Mac macOS programs to limit bandwidth when tethered to a cellphone

So you’re all set with your brand spanking eSIM from AirAlo and a fresh bucket of 10Gb of data. Your laptop is setup in your hotel room overlooking the river Seine. You turn on your iPhone and tether your MacBook Pro 14 to that 10Gb of juicy goodness. All seems to be going well but an hour later you get a message on your cellphone informing you that you’ve used up all your data – 10Gb gone – bugger!

What happened was that iCloud decided to sync your new photo or perhaps it was dropbox syncing a few big files. SOLUTION: grab a program below that will limit your bandwidth on your laptop and only allow say Chrome or an email client to access the wifi network that your cellphone created. All other data will be blocked – problem solved ! On the Mac get Tripmode, it’s the best one and here at eSIM Planet we’ve used it for a few years now and it always saves our bacon!

  1. TripMode ( $15 <<< our favorite and the one we use on our vacations in Europe
  2. Little Snitch ( – we personally use this program too but more as a security monitor than to limit bandwidth
  3. Murus Firewall ( me thinks hat this is for the hard core nerds only!
  4. Network Link Conditioner – Link to your tube for hardcore users only (