Best Windows programs to limit bandwidth while tethered to a cellphone

So you’re all set with your brand spanking eSIM form AirAlo and a fresh bucket of 5Gb or data. You turn on your cellphone and tether your laptop to that 5Gb of juicy goodness. But ….. an hour later you get a message on your cellphone informing you that you’ve used up all your data – 5Gb gone – bugger!

What happened was that dropbox decided to do a sync to you laptop or perhaps it was Windoze 11 doing an “Update”. The solution is to grab a program below that will limit your bandwidth and only allow say a web browser or email client to access the wifi network that your cellphone created. All other data will be blocked – problem solved !

  1. NetBalancer ( $49.95)
  2. Throttle ( $19.30)
  3. NetLimiter ( $29.00 / 2 years)
  4. BWMeter ( $30