What are 5 Cons of eSim plans from Airalo?

Airalo eSIMs are electronic SIM cards that allow you to access data plans for different countries or regions without changing your physical SIM card. Of course this is somewhat newer tech so there are some disadvantages of eSIMs data plans for Europe and beyond from Airalo and other eSIM providers.

Airalo eSIM cons

  1. They only support data, not phone calls or text messaging, for most countries
  2. They don’t come with a phone number
  3. They are only compatible with selected devices that support eSIM technology
  4. They have varying prices and network carriers depending on the country or region
  5. They have a limited validity period of one month max

Our comment on the cons of Airalo eSIMs

  1. Data is all we need baby – WhatsAPP, Uber, Facebook messenger, Skype and Google Voice …..
  2. Who need a phone number – lots of businesses in Europe use WhatsAPP to communicate
  3. You can get a cheap used iPhone SE for $136 on
  4. Most of Airalo’s eSIMs use the biggest more reliable networks in each county – eg in the UK O2 and Three-UK -In DE, O2 & Orange
  5. The average holiday is a couple of weeks and not longer than a month so not a problem – you can top up the card indefinitely too!