Another Horror story – $143K cell phone bill

Yikes, $143,442.72!

An Inside Edition piece highlights the need setup a plan for your cellphone data before traveling to Europe. The poor bloke was vacationing in Switzerland and managed to use 9.5GB of data. His plan, see our list of T-Mobile plans for 2024 here, was probably not a higher tier one that included Switzerland but was probably one that included 11 EU countries but unfortunately does not include Switzerland. Initially he misread the bill as $143 but later realized there were a few more zeros following the $143! The issue arose due to his older plan not offering any roaming in EU. He was told he had to pay the bill but after posing his plight on social media and hiring a lawyer T-Mobile reached out and offered to cancel his bill.

Moral of the story is, don’t chance it – turn off your US carrier’s line and just use an eSIM when in the EU in 2024!

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