The best Cellphone providers in France 2024 for Paris Olympics

In the run-up to the Paris Olympics let’s look at the main carriers in France and see who offers the best signal / service in Paris France.

France has 4 main mobile operators: Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free. Here is what I gleaned from some inter web searches and the forums (reddit/the local): Orange is the best in terms of coverage, speed and service.

Orange wins the 5G Download Speed award with users seeing speeds of 272.7 Mbps

Our 5G users on Orange saw by far the fastest average 5G download speeds, 48.4% ahead of the 183.8 Mbps seen when using second placed SFR. However, the 5G download speeds on Bouygues and Free Mobile were much slower, with scores of 121.6 Mbps and 98.1 Mbps, respectively.

So if you’re getting an eSIM for the Paris Olympics make sure it uses the carrier Orange. The good news is that both Maya Mobile and Airalo eSIM’s have Orange listed as a carrier on their eSIM plans for France.

A deep dive into cellphone provides in France

Orange is recognized for having the best overall mobile coverage in France, especially in large urban and rural areas, making it a reliable choice if you prioritize extensive coverage and strong signal strength​ (The Connexion)​. SFR, while not leading in coverage, offers competitive prices and reasonably good coverage, particularly in urban areas. It also has a variety of contract-free options that might appeal to those looking for flexibility​ (The Local)​.

For 5G services, Orange leads with the highest download speeds among the providers, which could be crucial if you are looking for the fastest internet experience​ (Opensignal)​. Free Mobile, although offering the largest number of operational 5G sites, doesn’t match up in terms of speed or overall network reliability compared to Orange and SFR​ (Echos du Net)​.

Price-wise, SFR offers some of the most affordable options, especially for basic plans without long-term commitments​ (The Local)​. Free Mobile tends to offer the lowest cost plans but has received criticism for poorer performance and coverage​ (The Local)​.

To decide which provider is best for you in Paris, it’s recommended to check the latest coverage maps and consider your specific needs regarding data speeds, call quality, and whether you prefer prepaid or contract plans. Websites like Arcep’s Mon Réseau Mobile can provide detailed coverage information to help make an informed decision.