eSIMs for the Paris Olympics 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics are almost upon us and set to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024.You’ve probably booked your airplane tickets and found a nice place to stay already but are you ready to capture and share the newest sport debuting in 2024, Breaking!

That’s right, Breaking as in Break dancing! Are you prepared to share photos and videos of this exciting event without facing an exorbitant data bill from your current carrier upon your return? Do you even know how much they will charge you and what plan to get? The plans we have are less than $1 per Gb (their plans $10/Gb)!

Fear not, eSIM Planet has you covered with thrifty eSIM data plans for France, starting as low as $8 for 5GB over 10 days, cheaper than your morning croissant and espresso!

Below is a table that shows all the plans our affiliate Maya Mobile offers. Choose a time period 5, 10, 15 or 30 days and then a data amount from 3Gb to unlimited 4/5G data. Jump to the end of the table to see our in depth analyst! If you want to skip the rest of this article and just buy an eSIM – click this link to be whisked off the the Maya Mobile website.

5 day
Data Cost
3 Gb $4
5 Gb $7
10 Gb $11
20 Gb $19
40 Gb $35
Unlimited $16
Unlimited (Europe+) $16
10 Day
3 Gb $5
5 Gb $8
10 Gb $12
20 Gb $20
40 Gb $36
Unlimited $28
Unlimited (Europe+) $28
15 Day
3 Gb $6
5 Gb $9
10 Gb $13
20 Gb $21
40 Gb $37
Unlimited $38
Unlimited (Europe+) $38
30 Day / One month
3 Gb $7
5 Gb $10
10 Gb $14
20 Gb $22
40 Gb $38
Unlimited $49
Unlimited (Europe+) $49

Our analysis of eSIMs for France from Maya Mobile

So just looking at the table above (it’s not bloody rocket science) one can make the following deductions:

  • You can pay $1 more and almost double the days your eSIM is valid for the 3Gb to 40GB plans.
  • The unlimited plans for just the 5 and 10 days plans are much cheaper than the 40GB of data for the same timeframe. This may seem odd but with all unlimited plans your data gets capped at 2Gb per day. You then get slower unlimited data at 1Mbps LTE.
  • You’re probably going to travel elsewhere in the EU so getting an unlimited+ vs unlimited is a no brainer as they are both the same price it appears and the unlimited+ cover most of EU.
  • The unlimited plans have a data cap at 5G speeds per day. 2 GB Daily High Speed Data then the High Speed Data is Refreshed Each Day. If you burn through the 2 GB of high speed data 5G then your speed is downgraded to Unlimited LTE (1Mbps) Data. This is probably plenty fast enough for web browsing and using Google / Apple Maps.
  • Unless you plan to use a large amount of data on a single day, eg during the mens tennis final then the 2/5Gb per day of data on the unlimited plans will probably be fine.

So have a fantastic time in Paris and remember just buy an eSIM to take all the guess work out of your data needs – click this link to be whisked away to the Maya Mobile website.

There you go, an AI generated eSIM dancer with an extra foot care of Dall-e.