NYT article on eSIMS and my comments on the article

March 26th – 2023 – The NYT just published an article bestowing the advantages of eSIMs. Well of course you’re preaching to the choir here but the author did bring a good point about privacy. The author, Brian X. Chen, didn’t mention this but a workaround to stop the eSIM companys tracking you via their iOS and Android Apps is to install the eSIM via a QR code using their website. I can also attest to the somewhat complicated nature of eSIM setup – way beyond the skills of my 80 year old parents. Another tip and not sure he mentioned this is eSIMS are mostly data only so no local phone number. Not an issue for most but if you need a local number I got one for $7pm from good old Skype, yes remember that. I even got a number with a London area code. Now they can give it out to the cab drive or takeout delivery.

Below is a summary of the article:

The eSIM, or digital version of the SIM card, is set to become more common and useful as Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers phase out the physical SIM card in favor of the embedded chip. eSIMs are particularly beneficial for travel and international data plans, which used to be expensive and unreliable, but have improved in the last year, according to The New York Times’ lead consumer technology writer, Brian X. Chen. In addition, the eSIM cannot be removed by thieves in case of phone theft, which could prevent identity theft. However, eSIMs can be more difficult to activate, especially for those who are less familiar with technology. There are also privacy concerns with eSIM service providers’ apps, which can collect users’ data for tracking purposes. To activate an eSIM for travel, Chen recommends picking an eSIM service provider based on research and budget, and setting up the service on your phone well in advance of a trip.